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Panama City, Panama
Republic of Panama
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                             About Molas from San Blas Islands Kuna ( Guna) Indians

 Molas from San Blas Panama,.... Between Panama and Colombia there is a beautiful spray of islands, 365 to be exact. An archipelago called San Blas Islands and the beautiful people that live on these islands are called Kuna or Cuna. The spelling varies according to who you research.  The Kuna Indian woman wear a blouse, in our language this is called "Mola".

A mola is found on the front and back of her blouse. The way it is made is amazing I call it “Sculpturing through cloth".  For every layer of color there is a sheet of cloth, they cut through the first layer to expose the next and so forth.  It can take days, weeks, months to finish a blouse as she is cutting she is designing to the imagination of her own desire.

Since 1961, my mom, Flory Saltzman has introduce the molas in an art form.  She has brought this to the world as an art.  Molas have always been appreciated as a handicraft, but my mom, I and now my daughter appreciate this "blouse" as an individual, colorful and unique art. In my store we have  a collection of over 1 million molas, for you to choose from and to enjoy.

We make out of molas our design for you to use as wall hangings, pillowcases, leather purses, purses, cosemetic bags, coin purses, t- shirts, dresses, pot holders, placemats, bedspreads, aprons,children dresses. adult dresses.  In our store we have keychaines, magnets, leather wallets, leather purses, jewerly, chaquiras beaded necklaces, Panama braclets, beaded braclets, pottery, dolls, cups, mugs, blasa parrots, Panama Hats, typical hats, aprons, dresses, t-shirts, Antique books of the Panama Canal.   

 All the molas in my store are made by the Kuna Indians and we have taken the mola and displayed them in many different articles for your enjoyment.  From our Mola panels or tapestries, to bedspreads, to enjoy the molas in your kitchen or for personal use. I invite you to take a tour of the store and let me know if you have an idea that I can bring to life with our molas. With our pleasure we can create your idea in our molas; my latest was a mola valence, to a beautiful place setting for a tropical wedding table. 

I welcome you to enjoy viewing my website and my store. We have a collection of over 1 million molas.

Lynne Saltzman de Berger 





Find our store we are located in Via Venetto, # 18 on top of Don Lee Chinese Restuarante, Via Espana, by the parking ramp, lobby entrance of the Hotel El Panama. look for Mc Donalds of Via Espana and look up at the red stairs by Budjet Rent a Car and there you will find the store with the sign ARTESANIA our phone number is (507) 223-6963. Our hours are from Monday to Saturday  from 9 am to 6  pm.


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  Molas from Flory Saltzman Molas, Panama